Inuit Art Society joins others to keep the Inuit Art Foundation and Inuit Art Quarterly in the black

Keeping a high-quality publication like the Inuit Art Quarterly going is a challenge. Earlier this year the Inuit Art Foundation, the publisher of Inuit Art Quarterly, was looking at a year end budget shortfall.

A request for help brought additional funding from over 140 donors. The Inuit Art Society was one of those donors who came to the rescue by making an extra contribution to help the foundation support Inuit art and artists and keep Inuit Art Quarterly publishing.

A portion of the funds received by IAS regularly goes to support the work of the Inuit Art Foundation. This extra contribution was just one more way to help all of our members support the artists and the art we all love.

The thank-you note from the foundation:

Dear Si and fellow Inuit Art Society members,

You and the IAS members are incredible! Thank you all so much for making an additional gift to the Inuit Art Foundation this past month to support the Inuit Art Quarterly!

 Initially, when I asked for your help, we thought we were facing a $10,000 budget shortfall because one program was cut from the Ontario Arts Council. Then, we found out more cuts were on the way, though we don’t yet know what the final amount will be.

In the meantime, you are helping bridge the funding gap – and we cannot thank you enough.

You, and 143 other donors, collectively gave $42,401 in June.

Thank you all so much for caring and for supporting. Without you, we would have had to cut back the magazine’s content. Because of you, we look forward to a strong fall issue that highlights new, exciting artists and new stories about one of the most iconic media for Inuit artists: prints.

Many people think of the Inuit Art Foundation as a publisher of the IAQ. We do that to bring Inuit artists to the world. We also strive to impact lives by providing programs Inuit artists throughout the country are asking for. This is why we took on the Igloo Tag, to protect artists and collectors, and guarantee authenticity.

Artists and collectors were also behind IAQ Profiles after realizing there wasn’t a central, comprehensive, trusted sources for information about artists, by artists.

Artists also drive scholarships and awards that provide opportunities for Inuit where they didn’t exist before.

The programs and supports the IAF can provide depend on you. Thank you for your generosity.

Because of you, there is an IAQ.

Because of you, emerging artists will still have illuminating profiles.

Because of you, new programs can be developed to help emerging and established artists.

Thank you for ensuring the visibility of Inuit artists year-round. You have made an amazing gift, and we are so grateful.

We still don’t know what the final provincial funding cuts will be, but, thanks to you, artists will still be connected to the world.

Our promise to you is that in the coming weeks, we will continue to keep you updated on our funding status, as well as on the latest news on Inuit art and in-depth explorations of artists’ works. In the longer term, we will continue to work hard to support the artists and art you love.

Thank you,

Mathew Nuqingaq

President, Inuit Art Foundation


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